Monday, July 9, 2007

Update From Stephanie

Hello All! :) Sorry it's been so long since I last posted! A lot has happened!

First of all, I was in a film recently, it is actually for the San Antonio Christian Film Festival. The movie I was in is called, Call of Courage. Here is the description:
"The Call of Courage is a gripping story of two young men fighting in the Civil War. Eddie Lee is a twelve-year old drummer boy who is befriended by James McClay – an officer in the Union army. As the days pass, they become as close as brothers. As the army begins its march to Wilson’s Creek, both Eddie and James are faced with decisions that will require all the courage they can muster. As things get tougher, the Battle of Wilson’s Creek erupts – throwing the two into the most intense moments of their lives."
I was actually the mother of the little drummer boy! It was so neat being around so many cameras, seeing all the sound equipment stuff and hanging out with such wonderful godly friends! It was such a blessing to be apart of this amazing project!

2. I'm in a play, Little Women! Our last performance is tonight and this will be our fifth performance! It was a long haul...we met three times a week and each practice was two hours long! I think we started somewhere around May 8...overall I had so much fun! I played the older Jo narrating my whole entire life story! I got to share about the March family and what each member of my family meant to me, my adventures with Laurie, how Beth's death affected me and my friendship and then marriage of Friedrich. It has been such a wonderful experience!

3. Lately, I've been walking through a desert you could say. I've been living in a rut. Spiritually dehydrated. I confess to you that I have been worrying about other things and have not been giving the Lord my desires, dreams and passions. Last night, I was at a worship/prayer gathering and the Lord truly met me where I was. A friend of mine gave a word to the group of people that were there and he shared with us that God has been really working on his heart and he told us that while he was reading the Psalms, yesterday morning, God spoke to heart and told him that he needed to stop trying to attain his dreams and desires in his own strength...but to truly stop and start running after the one who can truly give him the desires of his heart. To seek the Lord FIRST above anything or anyone! Those words went straight to my heart and I began to cry and just worship the Lord! It felt amazing! It has been so long since I have truly worshiped the Lord in that way. Utter abandonment! I'm so hungry for God! I want so much to be a tree rooted and grounded in Christ that when storms and times of testing come...I will use those situations to allow my roots to grow deep. Jesus is so amazing! God is pulling me out of my rut! I am so grateful!


I will be better about my posting!!! :)