Saturday, July 14, 2007

"And so I am joyful all the day...."

"It is very pleasant to live here in our beautiful world. My eyes cannot see the beautiful things, but my mind can see them all, and so I am joyful all the day."
~So said blind and deaf Helen Keller

Fix your eyes on Jesus.

Wow! When my mom read that quote during one of our morning devotions together, I was left speechless. How could this women be so joyful?! What was there to be so joyful about when one couldn't see or hear? I can't imagine not ever being able to see the majestic snow covered mountain tops, or see all the sunrises and sunsets that our Creator paints for each of us to enjoy, or see a cool and refreshing waterfall or see the crisp fall leaves of red, orange and yellow. I can't imagine not ever being able to hear someone say, "I love you," or hear the birds when the sun breaks forth from the sleeping expanse, or hear the crunching of snow beneath my feet, I can't imagine not hearing the beautiful melodies of music. I was amazed! And I was upset to see how easily I could become selfish with the cares and distractions of my everyday life. We are all so blessed! And Helen Keller said she was so blessed...because her hope and joy was not found in her present circumstances or in her condition. She made it a point to find things that she was thankful for. Wow! Let's continue to strive to place our hope in the Lord! For it's only in Him that we will ever truly experience a joy that will transform the very corners of our lives forever!