Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Update on Stephanie :)

Alrighty, I got my cast off yesterday!!!!!! It was so exciting, scary and fun at the same time! The saw was pretty ummm....interesting! The sweet nurse kind of made me a little nervous, she was telling me that someone had taught her a new way of taking off a cast and then was saying how she hated using that particular saw. I was so worried she'd cut my leg up! I've heard stories!

Well, the reason I'm so sad is because I'm imprisoned to a boot brace for 4 weeks. AND I have to go to therapy every week! I thought my whole broken foot experience would be over today but it's not... PLEASE BE PRAYING FOR ME!!!!! I am dying to RUN, PLAY VOLLEYBALL, WALK and DANCE!!!!!! ANYTHING WITH BOTH FEET!!!!

God is definitely teaching me patience during this whole experience! LOL! Really teaching me to trust Him! He definitely wants me completely dependent on Him alone! This past month, well almost two months of not walking on two feet has been a rollar coaster! The Lord is so faithful! He truly is carrying me! *Your Sister in Christ, Steph