Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hear From Heaven

I just started reading this wonderful book! It is so good! Here is what the back of the book states,

"If you desire to be used by the Lord, you need to grow sensitive to His voice.
God looks for those who surrender to Him, who will not be ashamed of Him, who will speak what they have heard. God's presence follows His believers. Sitting at the office, typing at the computer, resting on a mattress, or driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic-He is there.

But in the pace of hectic lives, how can we hear his voice? In an increasingly divergent global culture, thousands of distractions surround us every day. To be in tune with God, we need to remove the hindrances, put on "spiritual hearing aids" and get intimate with Him.

Dale Carver believes people can hear from God today. He insists that the "thumb-twiddling" Christian life must stop-so a life of obedience, fulfillment, and reward can begin.

Hear From Heaven and Change Your World is a handbook on how to hear God in the midst of daily life. It will open new doors of opportunity in your relationship with Christ."

It is definitely a must read!!! :)