Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Laid Low...But Spirit Is Up

I broke my foot! Well, I was in the emergency room last Wednesday night. I got some x-rays done and the doctor came to me and told me that I had a broken foot. So, I'm now on crutches for 4-6 weeks. The most embarrassing part is how it happened. I was running in high heels! Yep! Wrong idea! I'll never do that again!!!!

Everyone has been so wonderful. A sweet friend of mine dropped by the house and brought me flowers and a bucket of Unconditional Chocolate ice-cream made by Dove. And a friend of my mom's brought me a small portable cd player to put beside my temporary bed (the couch). I feel so loved! It truly does feel so nice to rest. If you really know me I'm an energetic, go getter, ball of fire, trying to be everywhere all at once....kind of girl. It is also going to be very hard for me because I sometimes have a hard time staying put. So, in a way this is going to be a test.

Today, is my fifth day in a cast, so there's not much I can do. But even though I'm laid low, I have to say that my spirit sure is up! :) God is so faithful! So.....I have exciting news! I've started writing a book! Yes! Me! I know it's random but God is birthing something in my spirit! I have this overwhelming passion to see my Sisters in Christ preparing themselves for their True Bridegroom! Anyway, I'll keep you updated on my new project...

I'm listening to Aaron Shust's new cd called Whispered and Shouted. My favorite song right now is called, Create Again. Here are the lyrics,

Create Again
By: Aaron Shust

Separated from night
You spoke and then there was light
They point to You
Divided water from land
Bowing to Your command
They point to You

The sun that’s blazing at noon
And every phase of the moon
They point to You.
A baby’s cry and the way
A sunset closes the day
They point to You.

For You’re the only One worth praising
More radiant than earth and sky
And everyday that I survey Your creation
I see why I see why

God of everything I see,
Come create again in me
You were yesterday
You will always be
So take each breath that I breathe
And be the life that I bleed
Create again in me

The storm that’s raging at sea
The little child on her knees
They point to You
Your grace that’s poured out on me
The sacrifice on a tree
They point to You

Your Word vaults across the sky
From sunrise to sunset
Melting the ice, scorching the desert
Warm our hearts to faith
Create again in me